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I hesitate to put this commentary on this site.  I still consider Osama bin-Laden to be one of the most heinous criminals since Hitler.
However, there is ample evidence that is growing that points a finger  at George W. Bush and high ranking members of his administration for either neglecting to adequately defend our nation, or to have purposely and wickedly allowed the 9-11 attacks to occur.
I wrote this commentary on August 23, 2002.  Your comments and reactions are solicited and I urge you to read THE WAR ON FREEDOM: HOW AND WHY AMERICA WAS ATTACKED ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001


In the weeks before the 9-11 attacks, warnings poured in from the worlds spy agencies, but U.S. officials did nothing.  Instead, our intelligence agencies were reined in, our law enforcement agencies were called off the investigations of terrorists on our soil, air interceptors grounded and the attacks exploited to launch a devastating war on Afghanistan.  The result:  a U.S. corporate take over of Central Asias oil and gas a wealthier Bush Family and more censorship.





Jeff Brailey




     And he is among us.  In fact, he currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.  I take no satisfaction in making this seemingly radical pronouncement.  I, like the majority of my fellow citizens, fully supported the president in the days and weeks following the devastating attacks of 9-11.  But I, like many others, also began studying the root cause of the awful events that took place on that fateful day nearly a year ago.

     The deeper I dig into the pile of documents, news articles and other media reports, the more I realize that George W. Bush is either grossly incompetent for not taking measures to avert 9-11, or, he is criminally culpable for allowing them to occur.  At this point in time, I lean toward the latter conclusion.  Here are many reasons why:

  • As early as 1993, a Pentagon study proposed the scenario that an airplane could be used to bomb national landmarks.  The idea was buried and forgotten.
  • As early as 1995, the FBI and FAA had detailed information about the possible use of hijack/suicide attacks by terrorists connected to Osama bin Laden.
  • In 1995, the CIA and FBI learned Osama bin Laden was planning to hijack U.S. airliners and use them as bombs to attack targets in the USA.  It was called Project Bojinka.
  • Since 1996, the FBI has known international terrorists have attended US flight schools to learn how to fly jumbo jets.
  • By 1999, the FAAs annual report on Criminal Acts Against Aviation noted the bin Laden threat by recalling that a Muslim leader living in British exile had warned in August 1998, that he said he would bring down an airliner or hijack an airliner to humble the U.S.
  • Between 2000 and 2001, the CIA gave the FBI names of some 100 suspected members of bin Laden's terrorist network, thought to be coming to the U.S or already here.
  • Six months before 9-11, U.S. agencies received credible reports that bin Laden was planning to implement Project Bojinka soon.
  • U.S, British, German, Israeli, French, Russian, Italian and other nations all shared this information that was taken seriously by the U.S intelligence community.
  • According to Richard A. Clarke, U.S. National Coordinator for Counter-terrorism at the White House, ten weeks prior to 9-11, the intelligence community was convinced a terrorist attack on U.S. soil by Al Queda, was imminent.
  • Approximately four weeks prior to 9-11, the CIA received specific information about an attack on U.S. soil.
  • There is evidence that since 1995, the National Security Agency has been penetrating bin Ladens most secure communications systems.
  • As early as August 2001, flight school instructors reported names of suspected terrorist students they felt were potential hijackers.  Zacarias Moussaori was one of them.
  • The U.S. government actively prevented the reports of flight school instructors from being investigated.  The Justice Department plus top FBI officials blocked an FBI request to search Moussaoris computer.
  • 9-11 ringleader, Mohamed Atta, was known by the FBI to have visited Afghanistan and to have transported and stockpiled bomb making material as far back as 2000.  The INS allowed him to enter the USA three times in 2001 on an expired tourist visa.
  • The FBI had prior knowledge of the presence of at least four terrorists who had received flight training and had ties to bin Laden, yet the airlines were not warned.
  • The CIA and FBI knew three weeks before 9-11 that two of the hijackers, Kahlid-Al Midhar and Nawaq Alhamzi, who also had ties to the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole, were in the USA.
  • The U.S. government failed to institute even minimal preventive measures, despite longstanding knowledge of the threat of impending suicide attacks from the air.
  • On October 10, 2001, less than one month after 9-11, FBI agents were ordered to curtail their investigation of 9-11 in an order describing the investigation as "the most exhaustive in history."  The order met resistance from agents in the field.
  • Three days after 9-11, FBI Director Robert Mueller claimed the knowledge that terrorists received flight training in the U.S. was new, despite the fact that federal investigators had been suspecting it for years and flight instructors had reported their suspicions to the FBI.
  • Michael Springmann, former head of the visa bureau at the U.S. Consulate in Saudi Arabia said either through omission or failure to act (and) by the attempts to cover me up and shut me down [the CIA had a relationship with the people responsible for 9-11]
  • The 9-11 terrorists received U.S. visas through an expedient method in direct violation to mandatory State Department regulations.
  • Attorney General Ashcroft and other federal officials ignored credible warnings provided by a U.S. attorney that Osama bin Laden would soon hit targets in lower Manhattan and the WTC was one of those targets six weeks before 9-11.
  • At least two weeks prior to 9-11, FBI agents confirmed an attack on lower Manhattan orchestrated by bin Laden was imminent.

I could go on and talk about the tracking of unusual financial transactions of airline stocks on Wall Street days before 9-11; transactions the U.S. government tried to block publication of.

I could mention warnings numerous public officials received and acted on not to take commercial airline flights on 9-11.

I could mention continued attempts by the Bush administration to actively block inquiries into 9-11 intelligence failures.

However, leading British political scientist and human rights activist Nafeez Mossaddeq Ahmed has brilliantly covered all this and much more in his authoritative and highly footnoted book, The War on Freedom:  How and Why America Was Attacked on September 11, 2001.

The book is a very cogent indictment of George W. Bush and his family as it also answers these damning questions:

        Who blocked investigation of known bin Laden associates?

        When was the Afghan offensive first conceived?

        Where does the real blame lie for the destruction of the WTC?

        Why didnt America protect its own?

Once you read this frightening and extremely enlightening account of malfeasance in the highest offices in our government, you will not be able to help but agree George W. Bush is criminally culpable for the deaths of 3000 people on 9-11 as sure as if he was a pilot in one of the airplanes.

It is obvious to any thinking discerning reader that there was a concerted effort on the part of high ranking members of the Bush administration to thwart the efforts of those agencies responsible for investigating terrorist threats against our country.  These were not simple oversights, they were cold calculated directives that caused the deaths of 3000 people on 9-11 and tens of thousands more in Bushs war in Afghanistan.

We have a criminal for a president and it is about time we admitted it to ourselves and did something to insure he is brought to justice, not only for the murders at the World Trade Center, but also for war crimes in Afghanistan.







Write your congressman and senators.

Demand they open nonpartisan investigations into the documented evidence found in Mr. Ahmed's book.