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Friday, 23 January 2004
Check Us Out
Internet Abductions now has its own domain.

Check us out

Posted by wordworks2001 at 8:33 PM EST
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Friday, 12 December 2003
Tripod Still Down
I am still unable to update the website because Tripod's Site Builder is still down. There will be some changes as soon as I can make them. In the meantime, recent news will be updated using the links on this blog. I also have added a Resources link until we can begin posting them on the website.

Posted by wordworks2001 at 8:04 AM EST
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Wednesday, 10 December 2003
Tripod still Not Up To Speed
We would like to make many additions and changes to the website but unfortunately Tripod is still experiencing technical difficulties. As soon as they are cleared up, there will be updated information and a new look to Internet Abductions.

Posted by wordworks2001 at 11:53 AM EST
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Protect Kids Over the Holidays
Your teenager is home for the Christmas vacation and has the whole day to surf the net, play in chatrooms, or build that hobby webpage. Your son or daughter is a good kid, they wouldn't do anything wrong or stupid on the Internet, right? WRONG.

Good kids are accosted on a daily basis by Internet sexual predators posing as other teens and trying to get information about your child. If your son or daughter innocently gives out the home telephone number to one of these perverts, they have put themselves in more danger than they can imagine.

With your phone number, the predator can have your address and a map with directions to your house in less time than it takes to nuke a bag of popcorn in the microwave.

Just within the past week, there have been ten cases of Internet predators hooking up with children from Maine to California. Some were arrested because the teen they thought they were talking with turned out to be a law enforcement officer. However, there were a few instances when the unsuspecting child actually met with the slimeball pervert and were victims of sexual assault.

This is a great time to sit down with your teen who will be using their computer this Christmas vacation and discuss the dangers of the Internet. A few minutes of talk may save you years of misery and self recrimination

Posted by wordworks2001 at 11:51 AM EST
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Monday, 8 December 2003
Understanding Pedophilia
I participated in the gambling poll this weekend and wrote a post regarding my experience with gambling. Then, while doing some research, I stumbled upon some sites that discussed pedophilia, its causes and treatment.

Treatment. That word has been bothering me all weekend. If indeed pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder and a very strong, often uncontrollable obsession, that might be treatable, what is an appropriate reaction to illegal and immoral acts caused by this disease?

Let me make one thing perfectly clear, as a compulsive gambler, I have committed acts that could have caused my arrest and prosecution. And if I had gotten caught and if I did not make amends for some of them, I fully realized, understood and accepted the fact that I would have to pay for my transgressions. And I believe most pedophiles possess this same awareness.

That said, let me get on to the more controversial portion of this essay. Society should absolutely do whatever necessary to protect children from pedophiles; however, society should become aware of the psychological aspects of the disorder and act accordingly.

While there does not seem to be a definite correlation between being sexually abused as a child and being a pedophile, low self-esteem and depression are two major characteristics of the condition that may lead to the commission of offenses against children. Depression may be the result of a biochemical imbalance of the brain, stress, sexual abuse or some other trauma in early life.

There is some evidence that pedophilia may run in families, but it hasn't been 100 percent proven. Other factors including, abnormalities in male sexual hormones or the brain chemical "serotonin". Again, this has been hypothesized, and hasn't been totally proven. Twenty years ago or so, it was believed that children who were sexually abused, grew up to be abusers themselves. Nowadays, research has proven that there is no evidence that children who are abused are more likely to sexually abuse a child later in life.

Researchers have described a crime cycle that those pedophiles who do commit offenses against children seem to go through. The benign but still very disturbing activity of observing children either at the beach or park or in photos and obtaining sexual arousal, is a way many pedophiles make themselves feel better about themselves. Often, there comes a time when this is not enough and they progress to more destructive and illegal behavior such as
Internet pornographic activities and finally acting on their impulses with a real child.

As they reach this stage of the crime cycle, if they do not receive help, chances are they will act on their impulses, committing acts that at the time they believe will make them happy, yet invariably result in even lower self-esteem and depression.
This criminal cycle continues (entering the depression, low self-esteem stage, then turning towards children).

This is the most common and basic cycle that a pedophile will have. Each individual's cycle will vary, depending on his or her situation. Many pedophiles feel down or constantly depressed. This can be magnified by a stressful job, legal troubles, family break ups, etc. This is the most crucial stage in getting help. After this stage, begins the acting out or offending is very near.

Some pedophiles will resort to the Internet to view child pornographic material and not offend against children, while others will make victims. Pedophiles will feel a sense of belonging and love with their victim, but in turn, it can ruin the child's life. After the act, many pedophiles will begin to feel ashamed of their actions, and the worry of what will happen next. This can be magnified if the victim comes forward, and the media comes into play. Without proper help, the cycle will continue circling, even though many know the consequences of their own actions.

During the recovery stage, if the person decides to get help, he or she will develop and understand their own crime cycle. This is very important in the recovery process, because it allows you to work avoiding stressful situations in which offending could occur.

STAGE 1: The first stage is acceptance. The pedophile must accept that you have a problem. Denying this stage, will not change his ways. He must want to get help without somebody else pushing him to get it. He must have the will power to complete the process, as it isn't easy, and can be very long.

STAGE 2: Victim empathy. He must understand the harm that he caused to his victims. This is usually shown during trials and court processes. Denial can come out during this stage. For example, rationalizing their behavior. This stage, the offender usually shows denial. Before, accepting the harm he caused his victim, he may feel physically weak, nausea etc. The pain he feels for victim empathy should be much greater then his own personal loss!!

STAGE 3: Confusion. Most people in recovery will be confused a lot. Some may be scared (ie, if they are charged), abandoned by peers, depressed. During this stage, counselling helps. For example, one on one discussions with doctors or group therapy. Medication might be prescribed at this stage, for depression, or to minimize abnormal sexual urges. Group therapy will allow him to express and relate his problems with others.

STAGE 4: Working with his problem. Joining adult organizations and clubs, may help him to feel better about himself. Taking himself out of dangerous situations (ie swimming pools etc) is key. At first, it may be difficult, but studies have constantly shown that if he takes away the source of the problem (children), sexual urges tend to decline a little.

STAGE 5: Starting Over. This is very difficult, but it can be done. At this stage, he knows his deviant cycle, dangerous situations. He learns how to work around those situations, without having deviant thoughts. He may have entered a relationship of some sorts, and are happy.

Posted by wordworks2001 at 5:41 PM EST
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Saturday, 6 December 2003
Can't Update
I have been unable to update the Internet Abduction website for two days due to technical difficulties at Tripod. There are some important news stories I wanted to post on the recent news page. I will temporarily post them here.

Posted by wordworks2001 at 9:46 AM EST
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Wednesday, 3 December 2003
Lafayette, LA Police Have the Right Idea
This relatively small town in southern Louisiana is doing what many larger cities around the country have done; it is creating an Internet Crimes Unit headed up by a specially trained detective who will specialize in catching the criminals who exploit children through the Internet.

In a story in the Lafayette Advertiser on November 30, 2003, reporter Marsha Sills states that in Lafayette, more than half the juvenile cases investigated involve sexual exploitation, including carnal knowledge, indecent behavior, molestation, rapes, assault and pornography. The juvenile section handles 160 to 170 cases a month.

Assuming these numbers are not unusual and reflect the national average, that means there are as many as 64,000 to 68,000 cases a month in towns of similar sizes across the nation.

Most of the small towns in America are ill-equipped to prosecute these Internet cases because they often lack evidence. Chat room transcripts are rarely kept by kids who are being victimized. And the predators often use fake addresses and names in setting up their chat room accounts.

It might not be a bad idea for parents to begin checking the message archives files of their children and if they find inappropriate or possibly criminal behavior in evidence, copy the transcript and contact law enforcement.

With US Department of Justice figures showing that 20% of children ages 10 to 17 receive unwanted sexual solititations, The state and federal government and local law enforcement officials need to do more to identify these deegenerate predators and stop them from harassing or hurting another child.

P-J is doing a great job within its niche, however until we raise awareness of potential victims and their families, the rate of children being accosted on the Internet will continue to grow.

Posted by wordworks2001 at 11:54 AM EST
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Saturday, 29 November 2003
I just learned of an organization that is at the forefront of the war against Internet abductions. Perverted-Justice catches adult males in the act of trying to lure and entice children they meet in regional chat rooms into real lfe sexual liaissons. They are not law enforcement authorities and because of that, I believe they actually might be making more of a difference in the war on pediophiles than the police are because they can do things the police can't. Chec out their website aat and you will see what I mean

Posted by wordworks2001 at 2:10 PM EST
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For those of you who know me, you know I have some definite beliefs about things that happen in our world. For example, I am outraged that grown male predators seek to lure children they meet in Internet chat rooms to real life rendevouz for the purpose of having sex with them. These men need to be stopped by whatever means possible. I am equally upset that the President of the United States through lies and distortion of the truth, led us into a preemptive war against Iraq that has become a virtual quagmire in which there is no honorable way out and that has resulted in the deaths of, at this point, more than 450 American service men and women. My views on these two topics and more will be presented here for your observation and comment. I also will announce new developments in the war on Internet abductions and the war against Iraq. You are welcome to agree, disagree or just observe.

Posted by wordworks2001 at 1:59 PM EST
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