Internet Abductions


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Recent News

Recent News About Internet Crimes Against Children

International Police Effort to Protect Children from Sexual Predators

Shantell's Story

Molly's Story

Perverts Take Advantage of Technology

On Guard Mum Takes Award

Supreme Court Turns Down Obscene Journal Appeal

Hot Pursuit

School District Tries to Protect Students On-Line

Cyber Crime Units Catch Computer Criminals

Girl Lured By Predator

Internet Predators

Local College Helps Catch Internet Predators

Internet Predators Lurking On-Line

Database to Target Internet Predators

Sheriff's Program Warns of Internet Predators

Group Fights Internet Predators

Statewide Sweep Targets Predators

Parents Told to Watch for Internet Sex Predators

Sexual Predators Find Victims on the Internet

Man Charged With Molesting Girl He Met On-Line

Sexual Predators Troll Internet to Snare Innocents